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European-style universal overhead crane

1. Product introduction
The European-style universal overhead crane is a new type of lifting equipment designed and researched based on the introduction of foreign advanced crane manufacturing technology. Compared with the original universal QD bridge crane, the weight is reduced by about 15-30%, and the maximum wheel pressure is reduced by about 10-35%, trolley operating agencies use European technology three-in-one drive form, hardened surface reducer, the whole machine adopts full frequency control, and the big lifting weight slow speed, small lifting weight high speed, the speed range is 1:1, crane operation is smooth, the European-style universal bridge crane reduces the impact on the plant, combined with anti-swing technology, can achieve high-precision positioning of lifting items, all the crane materials are made of high-strength materials and equipped with new compact cars. The machine is small in size and light in weight. This kind of crane saves the workshop space, reduces the factory building cost, saves the factory building manufacture cost.
2. Performance characteristics
The European-style universal overhead crane not only has a high degree of generalization, but also has a high utilization rate of parts and components. The crane also operates smoothly, saves energy, and environmentally friendly. The overhead crane has a compact structure, low noise, no oil leakage, long service life, light weight, low wheel pressure, and strong bearing capacity. What is more important is that the universal bridge crane adopts a European-style design with high technological content and stable operation, which reduces the phenomenon of lifting swing. The European-style universal overhead crane not only greatly reduces the workload of maintenance and repair, but also reduces the investment in the early stage of the plant.
3.Application range
The European-style universal overhead crane used in power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, assembly, petrochemical, warehousing and logistics, power construction, paper, railways, construction, roads, bridges, metallurgy, mining, slope tunnels, wells, protection and other basic construction areas.
4. Ordering Information
The following main parameters should be determined before ordering: lifting weight, span, lifting height, working system, track type, longitudinal chamber type and opening direction, grab type, etc. The universal overhead crane can be customized, details and more new products can be timely contacted with us for understanding.