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Bridge crane installation personnel need to have a craftsman spirit

For bridge cranes, there are two parts to complete the cranes handed to users: the first part is the factory manufacturing part, the second part is the site installation part. In terms of the workload, the factory's manufacturing time is more than the site installation; in terms of the stability of the machine's later use, the site installation is far more than the factory production. That is to say, no matter how good the equipment is, if the installation stage is not well controlled, the equipment will fail frequently.
For the above bridge crane in the installation process will appear a series of problems, so the installation personnel must always have the faith of the spirit of the craftsman. Because the spirit of the craftsman is a work, a thing, a craft as a kind of faith, meticulous it to the best, do others irreplaceable.
The erection personnel of bridge crane should always have the belief of craftsman spirit and optimize the controllable plastic part to the utmost. A lot of installers always take the principle of saving trouble in the process of installation and take the requirements of users as the standard. I think the requirements of users may be the minimum standard. Will the fee be paid? Of course not, so the user requirements may be the minimum standard, we want to improve on this basis, strive to exceed user requirements, let users for our thumb up. At the same time, the style of doing things to form a habit, into a belief, accumulated over time to become an unsurpassable competitive advantage, created a strong brand.